6 Tips For Waking Up At 6 AM

Whether you have to wake up early for work and are really struggling to make this a positive experience or you want to make the most of your day and are envious of all of those chipper “morning people”, we’ve created a list to help you make this dream a reality. The benefits of waking up early are endless including mental clarity, productivity and improved quality of sleep and it can become addictive once your body gets used to it. If you’re fulfilled with the way your routine is now, then stick to it. But if you’re looking to make a change in your lifestyle maybe this is for you. Here are 6 enjoyable ways to make this transition.


Waking up early doesn’t need to come at the cost of losing hours of sleep. It’s just about adjusting your routine so you’re able to get to sleep sooner. Going to bed early can seem just as daunting as getting up early but when you have a night time ritual you follow it makes both a lot easier.

Ever experienced going out late with friends or having a late workout and getting home exhausted but still unable to snooze? Our bodies need time to wind down before finding some quality shut-eye. About an hour before bed try:

- Having a hot bath or shower to allow your muscles to relax

- Dimming the lights or lighting a candle

- Making a cup of warm herbal tea

- Avoiding any big meals or screen time

- Reading a book

- Diffusing essential oils like lavender, y-lang-y-lang, bergamont, chamomile and rose

- Engaging in 10 minutes of meditation

Incorporating these simple steps into your night routine will over time signify to your brain that it’s time to shut off and will make falling asleep simple.


When waking up at 6 AM, the last thing you want to be thinking about is making your lunch or stressing over everything you have to do that day. Starting the day with a clear mind and having everything for your day already laid out for you is ideal.

Meal prep will save you an abundance of time and thought in the morning. When we are tired first thing in the morning our bodies tend to crave is sugar so you might go for the quick and easy bowl of sugary cereal instead of a nutritious protein packed smoothie or eggs and healthy fats to feed your brain first thing!

Make your to-do list the night before. This will get everything down on paper so you won’t lose sleep thinking about everything you have to remember to do the next day.

Lay your clothes out for the next day whether you plan to work out or don’t want to waste time choosing your outfit for the office.


Working out in the morning will increase your productivity because you will have that extra boost of energy in your system. Starting your morning with a sweat will help clear your mind and make you feel accomplished and ready to tackle the rest of your goals for that day.

Book yourself into a yoga class the night before or schedule an early gym workout with a friend to hold yourself accountable.

Go for a morning walk to help clear your mind and get your endorphins going.

Any movement in the morning helps as your body has just been still for 8 hours and is craving it.


Make your morning something that you fall asleep excited to wake up for. You may be thinking… “well I just have to get up and go to work.. That’s not exciting.” Life is all about what you make of it. Focus on little things that bring you joy.

- Make a big warm cup of coffee or tea

- Listen to your favourite podcast while you get ready

- Make yourself a creative and satisfying breakfast

- Read a chapter of your book

- Catch up with your best friend

- Use your favourite exfoliator in the shower

- Watch a clip of your favourite comedian while you do your makeup

If you’re going into this challenge to wake up earlier with a completely negative outlook it’s never going to get easier. Try to soak up that hour of quiet time before the rest of the world gets up.


I’m sure you’re not the only one with a goal to wake up earlier. Find someone in the same boat as you and hold each other to it! We are much more likely to do something when we know we’re letting someone else down if we don’t.

Text or call each other when you wake up and chat while you get ready

Plan to meet for early coffee before work and catch up on emails

Schedule an early workout class together and sign up the night before

You won’t want to stand them up! It’s really difficult to stick to a routine of going to bed early when you are surrounded by night owls. Knowing you’re not the only one in bed by 9pm makes it a lot easier and you’ll feel better for it.


Consistency is SO key. It’s hard to wake up at 6am on weekdays when you’re sleeping in until 10am on weekends. You can’t expect your body to adapt to different sleep patterns so quickly. If you have a day off and really feel you need the extra sleep or are out a little later than usual the night before, keep your wake window within 1.5 hours of your regular scheduled wakeup.

Like any real change you want to make in your life, you are going to have to commit to make it work. That’s not to say you should feel guilty about sleeping in one day or staying up too late. Just don’t get discouraged by one or two slip ups and bounce back into your preferred routine as soon as possible. The more you implement a habit the easier it becomes!

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