Private and semi-private classes are specialized for your body and your specific goals. Whether you are working through health challenges, either mental or physical, or just looking to or just looking to get into yoga in a familiar setting, private classes may be the perfect fit for you.


With on-going, one-on-one support helping you towards whichever goals you might have, you will quickly see meaningful progress in ways you may never have considered possible. 

  • Work through long-term health challenges, such as Parkinson’s, cancer, anxiety and depression, and chronic pain.

  • Be balanced, present, and collected for some of life's biggest highlights, such as weddings. 

  • Begin your journey towards improved emotional and physical well-being in a familiar, friendly, and trusted environment. 


Office yoga is created with the hard worker in mind. Made to fit around your working life, these classes take place in your work space and can even be undertaken right from your desk chair. Corporate sessions will sharpen the mind, relieve the stress of the working day, and lighten your mood.  


Taking just half an hour at lunch to check in with yourself and rebalance is all your body needs to enhance your productivity and carry you through the rest of the day. 

  • Increase energy, relieve stress, support mental health, and improve concentration and focus. 

  • Boost office productivity, build team spirit, and increase staff morale.

Group Class

A more familiar yoga setting, group classes guide you through routines and practices aimed at restoring calm, balance, and energy. These are great opportunities to grow and learn, and maintain or open yourself up to a healthier lifestyle. 


With careful guidance and teaching, in a supportive group environment, you will quickly see progress both physically and mentally, 

  • Improve your all-round physical and emotional well-being with a variety of yoga practices and routines.

  • Maintain balance and calm in your daily life with regular group sessions, whether you are a beginner or seasoned yogi.

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